Holidays are around the corner and most of us will have an opportunity to be invited as guests for one party or another (if no one has invited you over for a party, Mmmm that is something we shall have to deal with in another blog). So for now let us assume you have been invited by one of your friends for a Christmas Party.


First and foremost, whether the invitation was verbal, informally handwritten or formally printed, in each case it is very important to let the host know whether you will make it to the party(that is one way of ensuring enough food for you when you arrive)

So, let us list a few tips as a “GUEST” that you should follow if you wish to be a great guest and to be invited again and again :

  1. Show up: Once you have informed your host about attending the party, it is your responsibility to be present on the given date.
  2. Be on time: This one is a no-brainer, but we often see, meet or are people who arrive so late that they miss the main occasion. There is nothing like being fashionably late. Don’t make your host wait to start the dinner.
  3. Don’t be too early: While it is one thing to be late, it is another to be too early. Don’t hassle the host while he is making the last minute preparations. In case you have arrived earlier than the time given, go for a walk and keep yourself busy and out of sight.
  4. Don’t bring uninvited people along: In case you happen to have another friend or family over at your place, it is a good to let the host know that you would have loved to come but so and so has just arrived at my place. So, let the host decide whether he wants to call your other friend or not.
  5. Dress for the occasion: We all know what to wear on most occasions, dress accordingly. In case you are in doubt you can ask the host if they have a dress code.
  6. Introduce yourself: While you are at the party you must introduce yourself to other people you may not know. (the host will be busy with a lot of other things). Just say your name and maybe a line about who you are and ask the other person his or her name and what they do or study etc (don’t brag and share your whole life story)
  7. Don’t hog the food: Be patient and thoughtful about the host and other guests. The food is for everybody so eat a little of each thing and wait for the host to offer more if there is enough for second helpings.
  8. Don’t snoop or linger: It is a human urge to know more about other’s lives but it is the highest form of disrespect one can show to a friend and a host who has kindly welcomed you to his home. So please don’t ask uncomfortable questions. Secondly, always try to leave while your stay is welcome. People should not wait for you to go after the party so that they can rest.
  9. Thank the host and give genuine complements: The host has taken pains to plan and make a party happen, it has taken time, energy and money for all this. So be a gracious guest and thank them for inviting you and give some good compliments(please refrain from finding faults and saying I could have done this better)


Hope you find these tips useful and you come out with flying colors in the guest test !! This holiday season remember to be kind, kind and kind.

The author of this article, Kshama Dudpuri is an enthusiastic reader and writer, founder of POISE7 and wants to bring a change in the compassion meter in this world.