Teenage years are when children need the most care, sympathy and attention. It’s a tender age where lots of things happen all of a sudden. They go through so many changes like… body changes that may cause some insecurities. Drama with the friends, love, heartbreaks, social media, peer pressure, etc.


I think it would be helpful for them to have an overview of what all happens during these years. Here’s a list of things that I would want my teenage son/daughter to know:


(1.) It’s okay to ask for help. Whether it be related to school, studying, peer pressure, drama, social media, anything really.

(2.) Respect yourself and your body.

(3.) Open and hold doors for others.

(4.) Peer pressure is everywhere, you need to be strong and take a stand against it.

(5.) If you’re upset, talk to someone. A parent, friend, teacher, relative. It’s good to have someone who you can confide in.

(6.) You’ll make and lose many friends in these years, only true friendship will last.

(7.) Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is okay, just be respectful to them and treat them right.

(8.) Talk to us about your day, your life, your school, your friends. The more you keep us involved, the less we worry.

(9.) If you are in trouble, ask for help. If you see someone in trouble, ask if they need help.

(10.) Bullying is never okay! Be respectful to each and every individual.

(11.) Teenage years are when puberty hits. Everybody grows at different rate. Your voice will change, your body will change. Boys will grow facial and armpit hair, girls will get their periods and pimples, it’s all normal and it’ll pass.

(12.) Education is necessary! If you don’t have the bases, how will you move forward? Study hard, finish college. You won’t get the school days back… ever!

(13.) Play a sport. It will help you stay fit and release stress.

(14.) Learn to budget your monthly allowance. It will help you in the future when you have to pay bills and manage your money.

(15.) When you are out with friends, be responsible and alert. You have a family waiting for you to get home safely.

(16.) Drinking and driving is a big NO-NO! Call a cab or a friend or ME!

(17.) Never experiment with drugs, it’s a harmful and a downhill battle. There’s no winning in it.

(18.) Saying ‘No’ is absolutely acceptable if you don’t feel comfortable about it. Don’t give into pressure of any kind.

(19.) If you are getting ‘busy’,be responsible,respectful and make sure to use protection.

(20.) Learn how to cook, not like Masterchef stuff but learn the basics.

(21.) Set some goals for yourself. Nothing big or extravagant. Start with attainable goals like for example: Organizing your room or taking an extra class over summer break.

(22.) Get acquainted with the world. Watch the news or grab a newspaper. Read more books. It’ll open a whole new dimension of thoughts, experiences and imagination. Use this age and time to learn and become more educated.

(23.) Last but not the least- Time will fly quicker than you can blink. Enjoy every moment of your teenage years because they’ll pass and it will all be a sweet memory. So… Carpe Diem!

Hope this list will help ease their journey of teenage years which will then prepare them to transition into adulthood.

The author of this article Malvika Kansara is a very happy, compassionate and wise person with a quick wit. She is a practical and yet emotional mother of a fast growing toddler.