The Rise in Homeschooling: Tools to get started

A traditional school system can be a “one size fits all” environment, which can prove to be challenging for parents as it does not cater to the individual needs of a child. In recent years, more and more parents are opting to homeschool around the world to fill in gaps that exist in the traditional education system. Whether the reasons are individualized education, safety, flexibility or preservation of cultural and family values; it is undeniable that homeschooling is on the rise. Today, there are over 2 million homeschooling students in the United States alone, a 75% increase since 1999. There are numerous benefits of homeschooling which are specifically designed to cater to each child’s learning ability while empowering our future generation. Here are some of the common reasons why you should consider homeschooling:

  • Individualized Attention & Learning – Ability to focus on individualized assessments and determine the most effective learning styles. This approach helps to leverage a child’s strengths and natural disposition while allowing the child to progress at their own pace and making for a better learning experience. Children with learning disabilities, special needs, advance learning abilities or comprehensive techniques may require one-on-one attention and a customized academic plan. Unfortunately, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and other challenges go unnoticed in children due to the lack on individualized attention in a traditional classroom environment. This is not meant as a criticism of the classroom teacher’s ability but highlights the limitation of time which teachers can spend with each pupil’s assessment and learning habits.


  • Safety – One of the utmost concerns for parents is their children’s safety and well-being. Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in deviate behaviors such as bullying, negative peer pressure, cyber-crimes, kidnapping and pedophilia. These threats serve as significant concerns for the entire family. These situations can result in severe adverse effects on children throughout their development into adulthood. Homeschooling allows parents the opportunity to have better visibility and oversight on the interactions their children have with others. Providing a safe and comfortable environment with trusted family, friends and educators can significantly reduce unnecessary stress and the chances of negatively affecting a child’s self-esteem and safety.


  • Healthier Lifestyle – The initial years of a child’s development are the most critical as their minds are constantly absorbing their surroundings, processing and retaining new information, forming new experiences and training their cognitive functions. Having people involved, who genuinely desire a child’s best interest and health, can lead to children having healthier habits when it comes to nutrition, physical education and other factors in leading a healthy lifestyle.


  • Flexibility – Homeschooling allows parents/educators to have the freedom and flexibility to plan a schedule that works best for the children and their families. There are open and endless ways to teach and learn. Homeschooling doesn’t suggest that learning only takes place at home, but through life experiences and exploring the world. Field trips to places such as museums, arts and science centers, farms, airports and historical sites promote learning through a child’s experiences which are proven to achieve higher interaction and retention levels. Family trips and vacation time can also create learning opportunities for homeschoolers. There can be more time spent on learning, which will aid in covering course material and educational enrichment in children. The key is to master the art of time management and organization by taking advantage of the flexibility homeschooling offers and by leveraging newer technologies, tools and


  • Peace of Mind – The certainty of knowing that your child is in a safe environment while being able to cater to their learning requirements can bring a true peace of Who can understand children better than their own parents or care takers? Knowing the child’s needs and being able to fulfill them serves as a blessing in itself.


  • Connect & Collaborate – As the global homeschooling community trends with rapid growth, there are more and more families out there who can collaborate with each other and collectively share best practices. This allows the homeschooling families across the entire globe to form their own homeschooling community. By attending events, arranging group (co-op) activities and learning from each other are just a few of the benefits of connecting and collaborating with other homeschoolers. One of the most common questions asked by potential homeschoolers is “Where do I start?”. Just the thought of committing to homeschooling can be overwhelmingly daunting to some. However, having a community to turn to for support and advice on topics such as where to start, which learning style and curriculum to use, how to identify and work with disabilities & disorders, etc. can help ease anyone into homeschooling. Sharing a thought or an idea past a friendly homeschooler is all that is required to stay on track. Another benefit of homeschooling is that parents are not limited to their own respective knowledge on a subject matter. Homeschoolers can adopt a hybrid style of learning by employing educators from across the globe using technology. eLearning solutions are rapidly spreading due to their ability to connect learners to subject matter experts regardless of their geographical locations.


How can we help?

Homeschool Panda (HSP) was created with the goal of supporting the global homeschooling community  adapt and share best homeschooling practices. As HSP was created by homeschoolers, for homeschoolers, we know as newbie homeschoolers, there are lots of questions, concerns and worries that come along with the possibility of deciding to homeschool. HSP aims to support the transition process to homeschooling as easy and organized as possible. Some of the key benefits of HSP:


  • Organize all of your homeschooling and family activities in one place


  • Accessible via the Web, Android, iOS

  • Platform to connect with other homeschoolers in your area or anywhere in the world



  • Develop and manage educational budgets & individualized per student expenses

  • Share Lesson Plans and best educational tools and best practices
  • Best of all…it’s FREE (Now and Forever)


The customizable features and ongoing support are a few key advantages of HSP. We are committed to supporting individual homeschooling needs by providing tailored educational solutions that serve a purpose in the quickly evolving  educational evolution. Our HSP team  is only getting started, as we have other features in the pipeline to make homeschooling accessible, attractive and advantageous to anyone interested in supporting their children’s homeschooling educational options.


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