While the process of selection of gifts is cumbersome for some, it can be joyous for some others, but for most of us receiving GIFTS seems like a much easier task than giving them. Why not? Since the other party is spending the time, money and pouring the energy required for selecting and buying a gift or even creating one by themselves. Yet receiving gifts gracefully is an art which we must all learn.


Why do I need to learn to receive gifts graciously?

  • To keep receiving more gifts (obviously we would love to be showered with them won’t we?)
  • To keep the relationship strong and alive (Gift is a form of love that the other person is showering on you and relationships are much more important than bad choices in gifts).
  • It is unwise not to consider the time, money, energy and thought process someone has spent on buying that gift for you. (please keep yourself in their shoes before you react).
  • People will remember your reaction for a long time, it will reflect on how they perceive you.

Hope these are reasons enough to be an enthusiastic gift receiver from now on.


How does one receive gifts ?

There are ideally only two ways to accept and receive gift:

  • With great enthusiasm and
  • With greater enthusiasm.


Response 1 is for gifts you may not like, even the ghastliest gifts, remember it is the thought that counts. So for such gifts you give a smile, look delighted and may say things like, “Thank you very much. “, “This will look good in my room. “, “It will keep me very warm. “


Response 2 is for the gifts you really like, wear an ear to ear smile and remain speechless for a minute or two and then let out a torrent of thanks: “This is suuuuuuperrrb, I have always wanted one. “, “This is one of the best presents I have ever received. “, “How can I ever thank you enough? “ You can also add hugs to the giver if appropriate.


It is perfectly fine not to accept gifts which are too expensive and inappropriate according to the relationship, but please do it kindly. For example, receiving a very expensive gift from a client can be considered a bribe or if a teenage boyfriend gifts an expensive necklace to his teenage girlfriend the gift is out of proportion.In such cases one can kindly give it back.


These responses will convey gratitude to the giver and make them feel that all the thought that went into buying the gift was worth its weight in gold. Though an old school one, but it is a fantastic idea to drop a handwritten thank-you note for the gift giver, it makes a beautiful bond which will last much more than any material gift ever would.


What are the big DON’TS in receiving gifts?

  • Please do not ask the price of the gift, it is utterly rude to do so.
  • Please do not complain about the gift (even if you have ten of those, or it is out of fashion)
  • Please do not ask for gifts. For young people, it is ok if your parents overhear you talking about your wishes to your friends but it is bad manners to ask for gifts from anyone.

So all ye carefree souls please go ahead and try these social grace tips and do let me know in the comment section if they work or don’t  for you!


The author of this article, Kshama Dudpuri is an enthusiastic reader and writer,education and parenting influencer, founder of POISE7 and wants to bring a change in the compassion meter in this world.