The party scene has arrived and you may be planning to throw a party (wonder why they say “throwing a party” when one is investing so much time, money, energy and emotions into it? ). So, coming back to our party planning, you may ask me, “Over and above everything I do, to prepare for a party including cleaning my house, now I am supposed to be learning proper HOST Etiquettes too?” The answer to that my dear reader is YES ! If you will do everything else but not behave in the right manner, you may lose your friend’s respect.


Let me put it this way, you may bake a very tasty cake but if it isn’t very presentable and beautiful looking, will it get the due attention and praise? Similarly, manners in everyday life make our good intentions appear in front of the people you care for. Etiquettes are like a guideline to let one know how to behave in most situations. To read about “tips for being a wonderful “Guest” click this link


Let us list a few tips to enhance your role of a HOST:


  1. Invite appropriately: They say a journey well started is half the job done ( or something on those lines), so what does inviting properly mean? A proper invitation whether verbal or written should include:
    • The Event: Is it a birthday party or a Christmas party?
    • The Time: When does it begin and end?
    • The Venue: Where will it be held? (don’t assume everyone knows the address
    • The Attire: Formal wear or Informal or better still Pajamas
    • The Hosts: Who is hosting the party? So the guest may bring gifts accordingly.
    • The response: How should the guests let you know if they are coming or not?


  1. Answer the door: Haven’t we all seen hosts who are so busy preparing for their guests that they are unavailable to welcome them when they actually arrive? Please greet your guests and make them feel comfortable when they arrive, that creates a lasting impression.( unless your cake or gravy is burning)


  1. Free them of their burdens if any: It is important to help your guests to figure out where to keep their umbrella, coat or some bags they may be carrying. It is such an awkward task for the guest to have to ask for a place for their things.


  1. Accept gifts and compliments gracefully: If the guests have brought you a gift (don’t you make faces if they haven’t), accept it and say “thank you”. Accepting well-meaning compliments is a necessary thing we must all learn (yes, even you shy guys and gals). So if the guests compliment your food, thank them and you may mention that it is a special new recipe you tried for this occasion. ( Don’t ignore or belittle the compliment please)


  1. Offer refreshments: FOOD and drinks, aren’t these the main reason they are here in the first place? kidding. Please offer refreshments to your guests once you make them comfortable.


  1. Introduce: It is a good practice as a host to introduce guests who may not know each other, always add a kind thing about the person you are introducing. Like, “Hey Sonam, please meet Alia who is an author and cooks delicious cookies.”


  1. Socialize: The worst thing you could do as a host is to focus on only a few members of your group while avoiding others. The main art of being a HOST is to balance your time between all your guests so that no one feels left out.


  1. Thank your guests: Thank them? Aren’t they the ones who should thank you for all your pains? They should and hopefully they will but as a host it is imperative for you to thank your guests and tell them how much fun you had and how you loved having them over. (They could have chosen another party instead of yours and they took out the time and got dressed to come and see you.)


Hope these tips help you gain prominence and “May you be crowned as the Best Hostess in Town” (Hostess rhymed better!!)

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The author of this article, Kshama Dudpuri is an enthusiastic reader and writer, founder of POISE7 and wants to bring a change in the compassion meter in this world.