Every child is unique. Every imagination is personal. When the child’s imagination is powered, we get wonderful interpretations to beautiful stories. This gets fortified with personalized stories in books and this is exactly what BookyBoo is doing. Extending themselves to connect to your child and bring out their kites of imagination that fly high. Isn’t this a wonderful concept? 


Remember being a little child and wanting to save the world? And how at play time you and your friends fought evil villains from unknown lands? Remember feeling that you had superhero powers, and that every toy you played with, every story you read instantly added to those powers? That’s how children see the world. Every single day. As adults, it is up to us to keep that spark alive. To tell them stories that instill heroic values and make them believe they can change the world for the better. So that one day they will.

That’s what drives us at Bookyboo. We believe that the stories we hear as children, become a part of who we are as adults. That is why we create personalized stories in which every child is a hero. We use cutting edge technology to make grand, customized, turn-the-page physical books. Each book is specially published, one at a time, to make every child’s dream of becoming a hero come true. And here’s a little secret – because the child is the hero of the story, they never tire of reading it over and over again!


Our modern-day genie lives in a teeny-tiny studio apartment. Sometimes he gets tired of polishing his lamp, but he never tires of cozy little spaces. His wish is to see your little heroes happy and that’s why he keeps churning personalized stories for them. Some say he works like a machine, but he doesn’t mind!

The Bookyboo Genie is helped by a team of passionate writers, illustrators, educationists, software engineers, data scientists, publishing experts, mothers and children.

The Bookyboo Genie would also love some help from you. Your stories, suggestions and pictures keep him going. So, step right into a Bookyboo story, and keep us posted on your journey along the way!



How do you find a meaningful gift for children who have boxes full of toys? And none that hold their attention for long. That was the dilemma we found ourselves in when looking for something for our niece. We wanted to give her something that she would truly treasure. That was when we published our first ever customised book.

And did she love it! Being too young to read, she would make us read the book to her over and over again. Soon she knew each character intimately, as did her parents. She would whoop with joy when her favourite characters made an entrance, made a best friend too (the yellow butterfly) and was thrilled to bits each time she found her name in there. The personalised storybook book had turned into a magical experience. For her and for us.

We wanted to bring the same joy and delight to children everywhere. So now, we put our hearts, souls and countless hours into making it really simple for you to bring magic to a child anywhere in the world.

Founder: Hetal Gandhi