People love to give advice, poke their nose in others’ affairs and in general cut you down. What’s amusing is that they love to lace it with idioms and phrases and make it all the more colourful and make you go shame-faced beetroot red. That’s where the inspiration strikes! Why not convert all this life’s stuck up moments into shining beacons of light? Here are a few inspirations from the e-gony aunt. You can either keep them for yourself (as motivation to be patient) or use them for a nice exit reply–

  1. When there is a will, there is a way full of potholes
  2. If you think they’re barking up the wrong tree, climb the highest branch and go to sleep
  3. Playing referee to two know -it- all people arguing on a thing that costs an arm and a leg? Pick up the whole package and sell it elsewhere. (When you get back they would still be fighting!)
  4. If people around you think you come up to nothing significant, cut the mustard by burning the midnight oil.
  5. If their verbose advice doesn’t show signs of relenting, remind them that Elvis has left the building.
  6. Too often you might encounter them barking mad at you. It’s best to let the sleeping dog lie in you
  7. They think you have gone insane? Tell them that there is method in your madness.
  8. So all of the society thinks you’re off your rocker? Spy on their secrets before hand and give them a shocker
  9. Someone undermining your achievements and making you look small? Steal their thunder with your lightening reflex words
  10. Par chance you have to hear the whole nine yards straight from the horse’s mouth; blank out and imagine washing the soap in their mouth.


Above all, what about those situations in which your granny aims to hit you with witty sarcasm? Well, your guess is as good as mine! You wouldn’t want to be caught dead, right?

[Why e-gony aunt? This agony aunt loves to dish out solutions to your problems online!]