To dress appropriately it is very important to know one’s body type and shape. I fail to understand why people follow fashion blindly without even understanding the fact, only few can carry them.
Why would you just wear an outfit which does not at all suit your body type? Fashion is all about creating illusion. Illusion in the sense, concealing your body liabilities and emphasizing on your assets. Fashion is an art; there are some dos and don’ts to consider.

Fashion and clothing will only make sense if we are aware of its elements and principles. There are different body types and shapes in the world, and applying the elements and principles of design into clothing can make you look stunning.


Biological body types are:-


• Ectomorph: – Ectomorphs are the typically thin people. They neither have fat nor muscles. This body type is known as the rectangle, banana, or straight body type. They are referred to as the “rectangle” since they may appear straight up and down. If we make them wear loose clothes then they will appear as skeletons.


Clothes that would suit Ectomorph: –
1. Bold horizontal lines would make them look broad.
2. Volume could be added by adding lot of layers on the garments.
3. Wearing light and pastels colors would make them look wider.
4. Wearing gathered garments on the sleeves, waist and bust would add fullness.
5. Flared palazzos, tiered skirt would add volume to their long and skinny legs.
6. Jackets with shoulder pads would make the skinny shoulder look broad.
7. Semi fitted to semi loose clothes would go well with this figure.


• Mesomorph: – Mesomorphs could be said as the “genetically gifted”. They are characterized by an athletic, strong, compact and naturally lean body. They have excellent posture. More often they have wider shoulders and are known as hourglass figure. They are natural born athletes and tend to be lean and muscular. The world’s leading tennis players, figure skaters and bodybuilders fall into this group.


Clothes that would suit Mesomorph: –
1. Hourglass figure would suit anything.
2. Body hugging to loose fitted garments can go well on this figure.
3. Western to traditional attires there are no boundaries to this figure.
4. Colors depending on the skin complexion can be worn.
5. Bold to small prints can be carried well by this figure.


• Endomorph: – Endomorphs are typically the people who are referred to as “fat or beefy”. The body type of the Endomorph is solid and soft. They have a short build with stout limbs. They are large in appearance and have a heavier fat accumulation, generally around the waist. They have massive upper arms and thighs, with small wrists and ankles.


Clothes suitable for Endomorph: –

1. Body hugging clothes are a strict no- no.
2. Semi fitted clothes would be preferably good for this kind of figure.
3. Vertical lines would be better for this figure.
4. To make the figure look compact, dark colors should be worn.
5. No gathers on sleeves, waist, neck and hips; that would add volume to this figure which is not preferable.
6. Small prints and bold colors should be worn.
7. Light colors would make the figure look more voluminous.

So, girls I assume that the above description on body types is very useful to you. I would definitely get back to you on this topic in details with different shapes of the body. Hope you all like it and implement it on your daily life!!!

The author of this article Meghavini Jadeja is an artist and Fashion Designer. She makes beautiful portraits and even has the Wankaner palace as her clientele.