About Poise7

Poise is all about Power. The power to be poised for growth and success preceded by the overall confidence in oneself.

Then what is Poise7?

POISE7 is all about balancing and bringing equilibrium to the 7 Chakaras of the human body. The Chakaras, described in “The Upanishads”. At Poise7, we facilitate and help evolve various aspects of human attributes channelizing a subtle balance in human personality, hence enhancing human dimensions.

At Poise7, we unravel what’s within you and give you the finer points to emerge as a beautiful person. It isn’t easy as it sounds. Nothing ever is. That’s the beauty of what we do. We take up something so intangible yet so valuable and make it our compass to bring out the best in you!

Poise7 enables people to share experiences and fortify their parenting habits, styles, values, and ethics. Not only that, it also delves into an important aspect of life – Education. Through our knowledge platform, our blogs focus on education, tech-education, child and learning, parenting and lots more. Being an interactive platform, we encourage sharing of ideas, thoughts, and experiences.

POISE7 is founded by Kshama Dudpuri, an educational evangelist. She has spearheaded a couple of schools in the tenure as a Principal, has attained more than 15 years of experience in Education, Human Psychology, and Management. Kshama is also an Internationally Accredited Master Trainer from University of Cambridge International Examination and a successful Civility Trainer Certification holder through the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium ( ICTC).

Kshama Dudpuri

Kshama is enthusiastic about life and learning! Her extensive work in the field of education in various roles made her realize the gap that needs to be filled between what educational institutions and parents offer today’s children and what really is the need. That is how she created Poise7 which focuses on life-changing skills and attributes of a person like etiquettes, value ethics, career counseling, women empowerment and teenage courses. Kshama is also an Internationally Accredited Master Trainer from University of Cambridge International Examination and a successful Civility Trainer Certification holder through the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium ( ICTC).

Dhara Sheth

Dhara Sheth is a mental health practitioner with Masters degrees in both Psychology (MA) — from India — and Counseling Education (MS) — with a specialization in School Counseling from US. She has worked in various roles such as that of a Psychologist, an Educator, a School Counselor and as a Mentor to children of various ages as well as adults. She focuses on being a counselor and guide to people in aspects of everyday life. She lives in Germany with her husband and baby daughter, and in her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, writing, and cooking.

Krishna Patel

Krishna Patel worked in corporate America after completing her BSC degree from Pennsylvania State University, USA. After returning back to motherland India, she has spent 6 years working in various roles as a high school counselor introducing a range of new educational programs benefitting students’ educational and overall growth with her own alma mater, a school system based in Rajkot, Gujarat. Being passionate about working with teenagers on goal clarification and career enhancement, she worked as an independent study abroad career counselor. Currently a mother to toddler twins: a boy and a girl, she realizes the importance of positive parenting that cultivates and influences child’s growth for a lifetime.

Kavita Singh

A post-graduate, armed with clinical psychology as her area of specialization; Kavita has had more than half a decade of experience in education and training. Whilst this was her main vocation, she indulged in writing as her preferred past-time. After having a kid, she had to play a delicate work-home balance and pushed her full-blown writing passion into a career as a freelance copywriter. So, the writing journey which actually began in 2006 took center stage in 2011 and she has been writing ever since. Kavita is still passionate about education and training for professional development.
In the spirit of professional development and entrepreneurship, she is currently leading eChai Ventures (http://echai.in/) efforts in Indore region. Being passionate about reading, writing, arts and culture, she has founded “KaffeinatedKonversations” – a community that supports like-minded people provides a platform to them for intelligence sharing and stimulation and also encourages them to bring out their skills. She has developed book box subscription model under the brand, KaffeinatedKonversations book box and has earned accolades for the initiative.

Mitesh Shethwala

Mitesh is Serial Entrepreneur and Currently CEO of Alagrand.com & Managing Director of You Dedicated. Being started his first startup from the college itself he holds deep roots in various college & university. Awarded as a most promising startup by Gujarat University Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat Technology Vice-Chancellor, Gujarat Education Minister & Gujarat Chief Minister for Alagrad.com & Youdedicated.com. Alagrand.com is Gujarat’s First & Fastest growing Fashion E-commerce Marketplace awarded as Most Promising company in Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit. He is also a board of advisor at various Incubation Center in Gujarat like Ignite (Silver OAK College), VCell etc.